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by Inna P., Ukraine

I first discovered nudist beaches when my brother Alex and I traveled with my mom and dad to the Black Sea a few years ago for summer vacation. We visited several cities during our rest, and in one of those cities I had heard stories about a popular naturist beach where everyone was free to sunbathe with or without clothes, as they wished.

I was very curious to visit this beach, as the idea of sunbathing without clothes seemed very freeing and liberating to me, so one day while my mom and dad were touring a winery, my brother Alex and I make the trip to the nudist beach. I couldn't believe it - so many people! And they came from all over Eastern Europe - Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, and even Britain and the Netherlands. I even saw a few people from the USA there.

At first, I was uneasy and a little embarrassed to even be there, I was only 16 years old and had never been on a beach with naked people before. I decided to sunbathe topless while my brother had no inhibitions about taking a nude skinny dip in the ocean (I had seen him in the buff so many times since he was a baby, it was not strange for me!) What I noticed almost immediately was how friendly and talkative everyone at this beach was - this is not the norm at all the clothed beaches I have been to. Everyone was smiling, laughing, talking, and they all seemed very comfortable with nude sunbathing.

I couldn't stay long that time, so we headed back to meet  my parents, and soon after had to return to my home in Northern Ukraine. But the memory of my time there made a lasting impression on me, and I longed to return to that nudist beach and the wonderful feeling it gave me.

Finally, this past summer my dream was realized when I traveled to this beach for summer vacation, with my boyfriend and four of our friends. We stayed outside in a tent for 9 days, it was a fun and exciting adventure! This time I felt completely comfortable and sunbathed totally nude, as did our friends. During my stay, I heard about a festival to be held, where there would be singing, dancing, and body art painting.

I decided to watch this festival with my friends, but as they were preparing for it, several people asked me to join! At first I was very nervous about this, but with my friends support (and the promise of a wonderful party that night if I did it!) I decided to participate in the festival and have my body painted. As you can see from the photo, the painting came out beautifully - my boyfriend made several photos of me naked this way, and I like the photos very much.

We all had a wonderful time at this body art festival, and the party later that night was a continuation of the fun! There is a Body Art Festival Video of the entire festival that I watch now that I am home in the cold Ukrainian winter, but it always gives me fond and warm memories of my wonderful time there. I can't wait to return!

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